Lower maintenance costs and greater planning certainty // Lufthansa Technik AG develops end-to-end maintenance concepts tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Its new product called Maintwise is available to customers of Lufthansa Technik as a consulting service.

Maintwise allows Lufthansa Technik to address the individual aircraft operator's highly specific circumstances. In cooperation with the customer's planning and engineering experts, the Lufthansa Technik engineers devise an individual maintenance concept, which harmonizes the flight plan optimally with the maintenance program. Depending on the customer's objective, attention focuses here on delivering better aircraft availability or lower maintenance costs. Further objectives can include improving planning stability or increasing flexibility for aircraft deployment.

The customer's requirements are identified in a first step. The Lufthansa Technik experts then define possible optimization criteria.

Various concepts are simulated and evaluated. Based on these investigations, Lufthansa Technik develops a series of optimized maintenance concepts from which the customer chooses the model best suited to their objectives. The handover of the final concept to the customer marks the conclusion of the project.

Freya Schmitz, Maintenance Concept Engineer at Lufthansa Technik, explains: "All of our customers can benefit from the advantages of Maintwise. The product offers interesting competitive advantages for start-up airlines or airlines with growing fleets or new routes as well as for operators, whose goal is to reduce the ground times of their aircraft or reduce maintenance costs."