The digital ILA was successfully completed. During the event, pioneering innovations for low-emission aviation were presented.

The focus of the aerospace industry is on climate-neutral aviation. The recently concluded ILA Goes Digital – the world’s first digital aerospace show – as well as the #AeroDays2020 and the Berlin Aviation Summit in November make up three high-level international event that are dedicated to this important topic.

“The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the aerospace industry facing its worst crisis. The aim now is to overcome the crisis and secure the survival of this vital economic sector“, said Volker Thum, Managing Director of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI). “At the same time we are confronting the industry’s biggest long-term challenge: climate-neutral aviation. At the digital ILA we took important steps, laying down markers for this goal. In November the European #AeroDays2020 will follow. At this event, the most important high-level meeting of its kind in Europe, the aim is to drive forward aviation technology, innovation and research. Kicking off the event here in Berlin will be the Berlin Aviation Summit“.

Digital ILA paves the way for climate-neutral aviation

Following the cancellation of ILA 2020, the leading platform for innovation in aerospace, due to Covid-19, the BDLI and Messe Berlin immediately launched ILA Goes Digital. From 13 May to 31 July over 120 exhibitors highlighted how the goal of climate-neutral aviation can be achieved by 2050. The European research programme Clean Sky 2 showed how innovative technologies can be employed to substantially reduce emissions. MTU Aero Engines, Rolls-Royce and Avio Aero demonstrated how revolutionary propulsion concepts of the future will contribute significantly to attaining that goal.

ILA Goes Digital sets a new standard for digital trade shows

Over the last few months the digital ILA has set a new standard. More than 120 exhibitors and close to 30,000 visitors from around the world took part in the digital ILA. ILA content was viewed and shared thousands of times on LinkedIn and Facebook. The event reached tens of thousands of users on Twitter alone and the hashtag #ilagoesdigital was retweeted thousands of times. This shows that despite the crisis and restrictions there is great demand for discussing important topics via new, dynamic formats.

#AeroDays2020 discuss strategies and technologies for restarting international aviation

The next important event for the future of civil aviation will soon be taking place from 24 to 26 November. At this event, the most important high-level meeting of its kind in Europe, the aim will be to jointly develop strategies for the “new normal“ in aviation and to drive forward research, innovation and technology as key elements of a sustainable, digitalised and competitive aerospace industry. The event will bring leading figures from research, politics, industry, the financial world and energy companies together in Berlin during Germany’s tenure of the EU council presidency. Kicking off the #AeroDays2020 on 24 November will be the Berlin Aviation Summit (BAS), the “Davos of aviation“. Over the next two days of the innovation platform that is the #AeroDays2020 FORUM, discussions will take place on the technological feasibility of those strategies.
Taking place under the patronage of the European Commission, the #AeroDays2020 are being organised by the BDLI, the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). More information about the event and how to register for these events will be published on the corresponding website from September 7.