ILA 2022 was a hotbed of innovation and cooperation

Chancellor Olaf Sholz opening ILA Berlin 2022

At ILA Berlin 2022, representatives from all areas of the aerospace industry met from June 22-26, 2022, after a long break due to Covid-19. Trade visitors and exhibitors included manufacturers, research institutions, associations and representatives of regional, national and international politics.

"One North. Many strengths."

For the State of Hamburg, the focus this year was on cooperation at the northern German level. "One North, many strengths" was the motto for the joint presence of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. In the joint chalet with the state of Bavaria, the five northern German states sent a clear signal that they intend to face the current challenges in aviation together, while at the same time exploring the many opportunities the industry faces.

The motto of this year's ILA - #PioneeringAerospace - perfectly matched the ambitious agenda that the actors have set for the future. This was particularly evident during the announcement for Green Fuels Hamburg. This new project involves the construction of an industrial-scale PtL-SAF plant in Hamburg. Starting in 2026, 10,000 tons of sustainable e-kerosene are to be produced annually. Green hydrogen is to be used in the process. The consortium partners Uniper, Siemens Energy, Sasol EcoFT and Airbus are supported by the City of Hamburg and Hamburg Airport.

Hamburg's Senator for Economics and Innovation Michael Westhagemann met with, among others, Senator Kristina Vogt (Bremen), State Secretary Jochen Schulte (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) and the German government's aerospace coordinator Anna Christmann. In a speech at Hamburg's State Representation to Berlin, Mr. Westhagemann emphasized the importance of regional cooperation in meeting current challenges.

International cooperation was a key focus at ILA 2022, with Hamburg Aviation and representatives from Hamburg's Department of Economic Affairs and Innovation meeting with a delegation from NASA at the show. The aim of the meeting was to create a framework to foster new projects that build on the successful cooperation to date. After the meeting in Berlin, the delegation traveled on to the ZAL Center for Applied Aerospace Science to get a closer look at the structures and activities on site.

Team Windrove: The Future of Urban Air Mobility

In addition to its presence at the Chalet, Hamburg Aviation was present with its own booth in the Advanced Air Mobility area. The joint stand was shared by Team Windrove with Projekt Medifly as well as the Hamburg-based start-up Beagle Systems. The team was pleased to receive a visit from former German Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer, who learned about the latest developments in the UAM field and in particular Project Medifly. In addition, the Windrove team hosted a panel on "For the People with the People: AAM Advancing Cities & Societies." At this well-attended event, experts from Hafen City University, the FAA, Volocopter, AirTecCon GmbH and d-fine GmbH discussed the human, non-technical aspects of vertiports.

Other highlights included a panel by our International Affairs team for the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership. Here, the focus was on how aviation clusters can support small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in the transition to green aviation. Overall, the Hamburg Aviation team looks back on a very successful show.