HQW and The Barden Cooperation are cooperating on customised bearing designs for RUAV applications

Surfing the recent wave of RUAV systems currently in development across Europe, Barden is designing bespoke and integrated bearing designs for this exciting new UAS space. These include gearbox bearings for the transmission of rotary motion, surveillance system gimbal units, and tail rotor bearings.

Also in development are rotor cuff bearings optimised for maximum capacity. These bearing support the main rotor blades and allow the adjustment of the blade position during flight. This is a critical application with extreme axial loads, high vibration levels, and low speed operation. To combat the challenges of the application, bearings are supplied in tandem, triplex or quad configuration to allow load sharing. They are also greased and sealed to prevent the migration of lubricant from the bearing.

RUAV bearings are part of Barden and HQW’s ongoing strategy to develop innovative solutions for the burgeoning manned and unmanned electric aircraft sector.

via: HQW