Investments at the site in Nyíregyháza, Hungary, enable HÜBNER to serve aerospace customers with even higher-quality elastomer products – with even better quality in terms of special fire protection properties.

Particularly interesting for aviation companies: The production of rubber compounds for the classic HÜBNER seals will be integrated at the location in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. This will result in a significant increase in HÜBNER’s production capacities. “With the new compounding plant, we now have shorter transport routes and faster reaction times for our customers. With the latest technology at the new plant we will be obtaining the best possible material characteristics for compounds using our own recipes and formulations, which we process on-site for elastomer extrusions. We achieve this high quality through rigorous and detailed laboratory analyses and product testing. Our customers will also be benefiting from these advances,” explains HÜBNER General Manager Ingolf Cedra.

In addition, thanks to the latest air dust filter technology, compounds can now be produced using methods that conserve resources and are much more environmentally friendly, making for a more sustainable production process overall. With the new plant, energy consumption will be reduced by 30 percent – and water consumption by 50 percent.

Another attractive feature of the new plant is that more and more fossil-based raw materials can be replaced by renewable resources. The new compounding plant fulfills the highest EU standards with an enhanced 

level of safety that minimizes health risks both for employees in the production and for the nearby residents in Nyíregyháza.

Gusztáv Kádár, head of the new compounding plant project at HÜBNER, explains how the company has also set up the organization to meet these high environmental and safety standards: “With our own department for environmental protection and sustainability, we are focusing more strongly on developing high-quality products using recycled materials. This is the key to a cleaner and more healthy future. This is how we want to reach our goal of continuing to minimize our ecological footprint.”

The fully digitalized facility is run using state-of-the-art software and can be controlled remotely from the company’s headquarters in Kassel. This makes it possible for HÜBNER to fill the orders of small, medium and large customers with greater flexibility and provide quicker delivery times at highly competitive prices.

via: HÜBNER-Gruppe