The award went to HHLA Sky's Integrated Control Center.

Hamburg Aviation and its UAM network Windrove offer their congratulations!
HHLA Sky receives a German Innovation Award for an outstanding innovation achievement in the special category "#W2 Excellence in Business to Business - Aviation & Maritime Technologies". The award went to HHLA Sky's Integrated Control Center. This is a process management software that can actively manage and control more than 100 automated drones or moving robots simultaneously - out of sight of the operator in the control center at operating locations around the globe. This solution had convinced the jurors in terms of the level of innovation as well as user benefits and cost-effectiveness.

The German Innovation Award is presented by the Rat für Formgebung. It is the second award for HHLA Sky after winning the Deutschen Innovationspreis in the last year.

The jury of the German Innovation Award presented a Winner award. They justified their vote as follows: "HHLA Sky's drone control station was convincing in several respects: not only does the software platform, which can be integrated into the given infrastructure and process landscape, enable the simultaneous control of up to 100 drones at different locations, but the system can also clearly and simply map the entire process beyond the flight via planning, dispatching and the provision of data. And it does so with a minimum of manpower. A modern and well thought-out complete solution."

Matthias Gronstedt and Lothar Müller, Managing Directors of HHLA Sky, had the pleasure of receiving this special award on May 24 at Futurium, the Museum of the Future in Berlin.

"Gigantic optimization potential"

"It's all about Mobile Robots Management: our Integrated Control Center manages and controls flying robots and autonomous vehicles radically efficiently. That's what's new," enthuses Matthias Gronstedt, explaining, "Our software maps the entire process chain in an automated way. You can start virtually at the push of a button. This releases gigantic optimization potential. Think of regular inspection flights of huge industrial plants or bridge inspections with drones during flowing traffic. Or imagine flying couriers in rescue services. Robots on the ground can help with difficult firefighting missions or in population protection. This is now becoming possible on a broad scale because it's so easy."

"Innovation can be planned"

"Innovation can be planned," emphasizes Lothar Müller. "It took consistent innovation management to carry us from the idea to the product, which is the first of its kind in the world to make simultaneous automated drone flights, as well as AGV and AMR journeys, possible in a safe and controlled manner," Müller continues, "However, you also need an exceptional team, like the one we have at HHLA Sky and our partners, that combines different disciplines and inspires each other." It was this teamwork, know-how and commitment that led to this extraordinary result, he said.

Müller and Gronstedt in unison: "We are ready for take-off - and so are our customers." The first U-Space, a special airspace for drones, will soon be established in Germany, he said. This will open up the third dimension for automated drone services in industry and society.

via: HHLA Sky