Hamburg Aviation expands membership in 2022

Hamburg Aviation is proud to have added five new members to its growing network of companies and sinsitutions during 2022. This year, the cluster agency welcomed Aeroning GmbH, Hamburg Port Authority, Aviation Partner, DACMa GmbH and PTS Logistics GmbH.

Aeroning GmbH

Aeroning is an owner-managed, private investment company in the business aviation sector. The company consists of the business segments Jetkontor, Aviation Services and Technology Investments. Aeroning is constantly looking for new investment opportunities in the business aviation sector that fit the company and complement the platform. Aviation is also undergoing a generational change. Here, Aeroning wants to set impulses with new ideas and investments in dynamic companies, for example in digitalisation and AI applications, in offering travel, in handling or in aircraft management.

Hamburg Port Authority

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has been operating a future-oriented port management from a single source since 2005 and is active wherever efficiency, safety and profitability are important in the Port of Hamburg. The HPA meets the growing demands of the port with intelligent and innovative solutions. The HPA is responsible for the efficient, resource-saving and sustainable planning and implementation of infrastructure measures in the port and is the point of contact for all issues relating to waterside and landside infrastructure, the safety and ease of shipping traffic, port railway facilities, real estate management and economic conditions in the port. To this end, the HPA provides the necessary space and assumes all sovereign tasks and port management services. It markets special, port-specific expertise and also looks after Hamburg's port interests at national and international level. In order to make the port of the future safer and more efficient, the HPA is planning to use control centre-based mobile sensor systems (e.g. UAV) in the port area.

Aviation Partner

Aviation Partner focuses on business training and further education. Owner Martin Siewert has been active as a lecturer and organiser in the field of training and further education for 22 years. The content covers topics such as customs, transport law, supply chain management and other specialist areas.


DACMa GmbH develops and produces machines that separate carbon dioxide from the ambient air - Direct Air Capture (DAC). The proprietary technology is called BLANCAIR.

The collected carbon dioxide can then be used to produce synthetic fuels for shipping or aviation - Carbon Capture Utilisation (CCU) - or for sequestration in the ground - Carbon Capture Storage (CCS).

PTS Logistics GmbH

Founded in 1989, PTS Logistics GmbH offers customer-specific solutions in the fields of packing, transport and service. With around 150 employees and numerous locations, PTS as a medium-sized company stands for quality, flexibility and innovation. In addition to its headquarters in Bremen, PTS has locations in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Heeslingen, Mönchengladbach and Ravensburg.

Packaging from small parts to large-scale plants, consulting from the planning phase with competence all the way to the construction site, as well as all the activities of modern plant and warehouse logistics and efficient road transport are all part of PTS's range of services.

In addition, PTS also offers various logistics solutions in the aviation industry. These include, among other things, the acceptance, storage, order picking and dispatch of goods as well as the management and adaptation of warehouse logistics programmes.