Stories from the airport world: The new 'HAM Airport Magazine'

Hmaburg Airport has a launched a new online magazine offering articles, stories and facts via its website.

On one level, Hamburg's airport is a bustling transport hub that's vital to the city's travel infrastructure. But it's also a stage for emotions and experiences. Here, holidaymakers rub shoulders with business travelers, hospitality staff meet with guests, and plane spotters jostle for space with tourists. The various roles and expectations of its users make Hamburg Airport a special place. The airport's new online publication, HAM Airport Magazine, is a window on the human stories and impressions, while also offering exciting travel tips and facts about the airport and flying.

Where can I book a last-minute weekend getaway? What role do birds of prey have for the airport and its airspace? Why does aircraft paint have to do more than just look nice? And what does a forester do at the airport? The he HAM Airport Magazine has answers to hese and many more questions. It's free of charge and easily accessible via the Hamburg Airport website in the "Orientieren & Erleben" section (German). The new magazine is available whenever you need it, while you're waiting for your flight, at home planning your vacation or on the road on the way to the airport.

via: Hamburg Airport