The Wingtip Retrofit Solution TRINITAIR is the first step of "The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH“ from Hamburg to effectively reduce CO2 emissions caused by aviation.

From the initial sketch on a napkin, a project developed in which the Paris climate targets and the reduction of CO2 in aviation became a driving force and attitude.

With its 3-finger wingtip solution, The APC is developing a new technology that enables aircraft manufacturers and airlines to further reduce their carbon footprint. The new winglet not only reduces fuel consumption, but also optimises the overall performance.

The engineers at APC use well-founded, patented knowledge of flow and structural mechanics to achieve an optimal circulation distribution of the outer wing by locally influencing or expanding the wing tip vortex.

A flight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, for example, would save at least 1.2 t of fuel. Applied to global air traffic, this means a considerable overall reduction in fuel and thus in CO2 emissions.

The handling of available resources, cost effectiveness and pragmatism are also fundamental aspects in the overall development. Existing fleets should not be replaced, functioning systems should not be overturned, but improved wherever possible. With the “Plug & Fly” concept, the winglets are airworthy within one day. The use of further resources to optimize the fleets is kept as low as possible.

It is not time to wait for the one big solution that can make aviation emission-free in one fell swoop. Effective and implementable transitional steps must be taken quickly on the way there. Steps that drive and support the entire process - that's the approach at APC.

TRINITAIR will perform its maiden flight on an AIRBUS A330 in 2021.