Friederike Fechner takes over from Jörg Merlein

Hamburg, 5 October 2022. Friederike Fechner was appointed as the new Managing Director of SOPHIA.T gGmbH on 1 October 2022. She takes over management from Dr. Jörg Merlein, who oversaw the project for many years as Managing Director and made important contributions to the company's development and growth.

Friederike Fechner has known SOPHIA.T gGmbH since 2019. Three years ago, she started as project manager of the study preparation and orientation year "proTechnicale" based at the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg Finkenwerder. After completing her Master's degree in Sweden and Denmark, she worked in product management for a large family-owned company in Hamburg. In addition to project management of proTechnicale, Friederike Fechner takes over management of the parent company as Managing Director.

Together with her team, she has successfully mastered the challenges resulting from the Corona pandemic. These include the expansion of proTechnicale to include a new, digital programme (proTechnicale School), the greater involvement of alumnae and the introduction of new digital programme content. One of the greatest successes for proTechnicale is the 2nd place in the nationwide competition "Education Location of the Year 2021". In addition to the significant increase in the number of applicants, the number of cooperating companies and volunteer supporters also increased. Friederike Fechner comments: "I would like to thank Mr Manfred Kennel for his trust and the great opportunity to take over the management of SOPHIA.T gGmbH. I am very excited to dive into the new tasks and thank you very much for the brilliant support from my team, our proTechnicale participants and alumni as well as from all supporters in our network."

Concurrently with the naming of its new management, the company HQ relocated to Hamburg, which is also the location of its proTechnicale project. This will allow a stronger focus on the company's main activities in operational and their strategic, long-term implementation. SOPHIA.T and proTechnicale have built up a comprehensive network and good prospects for the future in Hamburg. The intensive exchange and the diverse programme activities in the south of Germany will also continue to enjoy a high priority in the future.

via: proTechnicale