Treo is expanding its portfolio and offers now Indirect Lightning Tests

With the new Indirect Lightning Test System AVI3000 by EMC Partner Treo can simulate the electromagnetic consequences of an airplane being struck by lightning. But how exactly does this work and why are these tests necessary?

The aviation industry has very high qualitative and regulatory requirements concerning the reliability of individual components and complete systems. So for example it is of the utmost importance that aircraft systems and equipment does not start malfunctioning in the case of extreme conditions. Especially the electromagnetic compatibility must be given under special environmental circumstances like a lightning strike.

The Indirect Lightning Test procedure verifies the capability of equipment to withstand the induced effects of lightning. By injecting controlled amounts of energy of different strengths at critical cable junctions, Treo can test the functional upset tolerance of devices against interference induced by lightning strike. With this additional testing possibility Treo can offer tests according to RTCA/DO-160 Section 22 respectively MIL-STD-461 CS117.