Eurowings receives its first Airbus A320neo, the world's most efficient short/medium-haul jet, partly built in Hamburg.

Partly built at Airbus' Hamburg manufacturing complex, the Airbus A320neo is the world's most efficient and quietest short- and medium-haul jet. With leading technology from Airbus and CFM LEAP, the aircraft has a significantly improved environmental performance compared to previous generations. LEAP boasts 50 percent reduction in noise emissions and up to 20 percent less kerosene consumption. That results in the same cut in CO2 emissions. With an investment of more than $110 million per aircraft, the latest addition to the fleet is the most expensive sustainability project in Eurowings' nearly 30-year corporate history. On 5 April 2022, Eurowings took delivery of its first Airbus A320neo - registered D-AENA - and transferred it from Toulouse to its new home at Eurowings' Düsseldorf base. The first commercial flight with passengers is expected to take place at the beginning of June.

4,500t CO2 savings per aircraft and year with 500 km more range

Eurowings is the first and only airline in the Lufthansa Group to equip all 13 neos with CFM's LEAP (Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion) engine. The new, significantly larger engines will save a further 3,700t of CO2 per aircraft per year. Thanks to the reduced fuel consumption, the neo also achieves around 500 kilometers more range than its predecessor. The 2.40-meter-long wing tips, known as sharklets, will save an additional 800 metric tons of CO2 per aircraft per year.

Six more A320neo to be added to the fleet in 2022

Eurowings will receive a total of eight A320neo fitted with 180 seats and five A321neo offering 232 seats. A total of seven A320neos will be added to the fleet in 2022, with a further aircraft slated for delivery in 2024. Eurowings will take delivery of five Airbus A321neo aircraft in the course of 2023. The new aircraft play an integral role in Eurowings' ongoing efforts to significantly reduce aircraft noise.

Redesigned airspace cabin for more passenger comfort

The Eurowings A320neo will have 180 seats. The A321neo will have a seating capacity of 232 and among other ruotes will serve busy vacation flights to Palma de Mallorca. The new baggage compartments in the airspace cabin have a 40 percent larger volume and can store 60 percent more luggage, as these can be stowed vertically in the compartments. Another highlight is the new flexible lighting system, which is geared to passengers' biorhythms depending on the phase of the flight and time of day, illuminating the cabin in either warm orange or cooler blue tones.

via: Eurowings