The Hamburg Innovation Summit (HHIS) serves as a link between research, business, politics and society. Based on best practices of innovative companies and startups in Hamburg, the new digital format "#HHIS goes virtual" brings Hamburg's innovation scene together for a cross-sector, interdisciplinary exchange in a free livestream.

The construction industry is responsible for about 30% of global CO2 emissions and 60% of waste. Currently, the common answer to this problem is energy efficiency, downcycling and waste reduction. But what if we radically rethink our approach – and not only develop a less bad construction industry, but also consider buildings as part of the solution? What if a building would store CO2, promote diversity and become a raw material depot for the future?

In a webinar on September 24, the experts from EPEA - Part of Drees & Sommer showed that sustainable and digital solutions already exist and animated the participants to develop further positive approaches together to make Hamburg part of the solution.

After the presentation of the Cradle to Cradle design concept and best practices from construction and architecture, an interactive part followed, where creative brainstorming was encouraged. Sustainable and digital solutions were presented to the group, which then discussed further positive approaches for sustainable building solutions.