With the development of a proprietary diagnostic tool, Lufthansa Technik ushers in a new era in aircraft engine maintenance. The new Engine Health Management app, accessible through Lufthansa Technik's digital platform AVIATAR, enhances the Engine Health Management service and offers airlines a highly efficient and useful means to monitor and manage the status of their engine fleets.

In order to predict damage mechanisms that are not visible through conventional Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) systems, Lufthansa Technik's engine experts created a so-called "digital twin". The computer model of a physical engine features such a level of detail that it allows to determine the impact of an individual component on the entire engine, enabling engineers to diagnose the cause of a specific deviation from the standard behavior of the engine.

With the enhanced Engine Health Management service, each individual engine in a fleet is constantly monitored. Using optimally adapted alert rules, unusual wear or unforeseen damage is detected at an early stage. Lufthansa Technik's skilled and experienced analysts diagnose problems and issue maintenance and troubleshooting recommendations to customers. Engine Health Management thus ensures that material expenditures, costs, and performance are kept in an optimum ratio to one another.  

The Engine Health Management app on AVIATAR provides customizable and flexible access to a customer's fleet at any time. It presents the current status of each engine virtually at the touch of a button.

Lutthansa Technik has established AVIATAR as an open and neutral aviation platform for international cooperation so that airlines, component manufacturers, other MRO providers and leasing companies are in control over their data and can use common interfaces based on a digital twin despite competition.

AVIATAR's cloud-based infrastructure ensures the highest level of data security in accordance with European data protection requirements for customers' and partners' data.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to all airlines and potential partners to develop their own applications.