Construction is scheduled to start in May 2018. The joint venture of Lufthansa Technik and MTU Aero Engines will start operations in 2020.

Starting in May 2018, one of the most advanced maintenance facilities in the aerospace industry will be erected in Jasionka (province of Subcarpathia) in the south-east of Poland. EME Aero (Engine Maintenance Europe), a joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG and MTU Aero Engines AG, has officially acquired the building site for the planned maintenance shop in Poland's Aviation Valley near Rzeszów airport today. The two parties to the joint venture will invest a total amount of around 150 million euros in the region by 2020.

EME Aero sp. z o.o. will have a workforce of around 800 employees in the future and is slated to be up and running in 2020. The planned annual capacity is over 400 shop visits of PW1000G-series geared turbofan engines, which power the Airbus A320neo family of aircraft and other airliners. Says Derrick Siebert, EME Aero CEO: "Today, we have made a big step forward in our project of providing maintenance for an entirely new generation of commercial engines in Europe. We are very pleased. All the more so as the location in Jasionka in Poland's Aviation Valley offers us the optimum infrastructure for our new MRO company." And Uwe Zachau, EME Aero COO, adds: "The acquisition of the land marks a key milestone for us. Now we can press ahead at full speed with the construction of the new joint shop." 

MTU Aero Engines has already gained very positive experience with setting up a company in Poland. MTU Aero Engines Polska, a subsidiary of MTU Aero Engines, opened shop in 2009 - quite close to the place where the new shop will go up. In 2013, work on an expansion of the Rzeszów facility commenced. MTU's Polish sub-sidiary carries out development and production activities and is responsible for the assembly of the low-pressure turbine for PW1000G-series engines, a capability it added to its portfolio in early 2015.

For Lufthansa Technik, the new JV is the second big move in stepping up its activities in Poland: In September 2017, the foundation stone was laid in Sroda Slaska for its joint venture company with engine manufacturer GE Aviation that will overhaul GEnx-2B engines and, later on, GE9X engines. Lufthansa Technik also has many years of experience maintaining Pratt & Whitney engines. In July 2016, Lufthansa Technik became a member of the MRO network for the U.S. engine maker's geared turbofan (GTF). The network offers the full range of MRO services for PW1000G engines. This additional business has no impact on the workload at Lufthansa Technik's existing facilities.

Lufthansa Technik and MTU have been partnering in a 50-50 joint venture in Malaysia since 2003. Airfoil Services Sdn. Bhd. (ASSB) near Kuala Lumpur specializes in the repair of low-pressure turbine and high-pressure compressor airfoils.