As of 2019 Heinze Akademie will offer its preparatory examination courses as web-based trainings. There are also two optional 5-day classroom trainings available per quarter for participants to consolidate their knowledge. Module examinations take place on 16 Saturdays a year.

In addition to our established 60-day classroom trainings with module examinations at our Hamburg premises, we will be offering web-based trainings for CAT A1, CAT B1.1 and CAT B2 from 2019 on.

To do this, we make use of an innovative digital online learning platform. Upon registration you receive a code which gives you access to the training material on two personal devices. This means you will be able to e.g. study at your office PC and, using your tablet computer, on your way to and from work and at home. Your individual learning progress synchronizes automatically between your devices and you can monitor your progress via a dashboard. Thus, your individual learning curve and timing may be adjusted to your liking.

You can also make digital annotations (notes, keywords, etc.) and highlight passages with different colors in your individual learning environment. These changes are saved in a PDF file and can be printed out if necessary.

Our material is divided into sections that are easy to work through and it is enhanced with high-quality illustrations and multimedia content such as tutorial videos. You can conveniently assess your acquired knowledge by using the comprehensive pool of multiple-choice examination questions.

All training material, the pool of training questions and the examinations are in English.

For more information please call (040) 63 90 29 -90 or mail us to