What are the changes that airports are facing – now and after the pandemic is over? How can passenger flows be anticipated and controlled intelligently? What potential does smart networking of existing systems and new technologies offer?

From September 14 – 18, 2020 Drees & Sommer will be running a digital design sprint on the theme "Safer Lane – Back to Normal through optimized Pax Flow". Together with airports, airlines and experienced project and software developers, we look for new business models and solutions.

Through this we can  achieve efficient and measurable results in a very short period providing answers to the special requirements and needs of airports and airlines and help them  respondto dynamic developments and adapt their processes.

Design sprint: Develop, test and validate ideas quickly. Within five days we will develop a marketable product and within a week  take it through a complete development cycle.

Are you interested or have questions? Drees & Sommer are looking forward to your feedback via E-Mail.