Hamburg company wins UK Innovation's cohort prize

Hamburg Aviation Member and AAM start-up DM-AirTech has developed a concept that supports the development of infastructure for and operations of Urban Air Mobility systems.

During the UK's Future of Advanced Air Mobility Accelerator program, DM-AirTech worked with strategic stakeholders to commercialize VertiPlaceGWC. As an end-to-end solution, VertiPlaceGWC provides weather-based intelligence at the level needed for regional and national planning down to specific site validation.

As part of the Future Flight Challenge launched by the UK's Research and Innovation foundation, DM-AirTech commercialized its service solution.

DM-AirTech is proud to have been awarded Best Start-Up of the Future of Advanced Air Mobility Accelerator by UK Research and Innovation. You can find further information on

via: DM-AirTech