Deharde GmbH has successfully passed the Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. qualification process for the production of polygon formed metal sheets (skins) for the Interstage 1/2 of the European launcher Vega-C.

Deharde is engaged in the construction of the Interstage 1/2 for the European launcher Vega-C as supplier of the jig and skins. The Interstage 1/2 is a conical structure part that connects the first and second stage of the 30 m high Vega-C launcher, which can carry several satellites into orbit each launch.

Deharde’s plant engineering first designed and then constructed an assembly jig that is applied at the production facility of Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. On the jig, a riveting robot fastens automatically eight outer shells – the shells are also produced by Deharde.

The skins have an irregular radius, pilot holes and pockets, so that the production of these parts is very difficult. Deharde met this challenge by enhancing its production process of polygon forming of large metal sheets. In this way, metal can be formed after milling of the complete geometry. Metal sheets are bent into different radii and material thicknesses and still keep all dimensions, including pilot holes, pockets etc. correctly and in highest precision. Also cost advantages compared to conventional production can be realized by this production method.

The innovative development of Deharde Polygon Forming of sheet metals allows whole new fields of application like in space projects or in other projects with highest accuracy requirements. With this outstanding technique Deharde again proofed its adherence to top precision.