Call ends on 11 May 2023

On 9 February 2023, Clean Aviation launched its second call for proposals to accelerate aviation’s trajectory towards climate neutrality and help make Europe the word’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The call includes over €137 million in EU funding and this will lead up to an overall budget of over €350 million including private contributions.

Clean Aviation is inviting proposals in the following areas:

  1. Hydrogen fuel system for direct burn engine ground test execution and flight test preparation
  2. Open Digital Platform for Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft Design
  3. High-TRL Flight Demonstration Means for Ultra Efficient Propulsion Systems for Short and Short-Medium Range Aircraft
  4. Innovative Fuselage/Empennage Design for Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft
  5. Ultra Performance Wing Technologies and Integration for Short and Short-medium Range Aircraft
  6. Advanced Cabin and Cabin Systems Integration for Short Range and Short-Medium Range for Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft
  7. Aircraft Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Distribution System Technologies for Direct Burn Applications
  8. Multi-MW Fuel Cell Propulsion System for Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft
  9. Aviation Climate and Technology Impact Monitoring Methodology

Several projects from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region were selected in the first call. The projects TheMa4HERA, NEWBORN, ECARE, Faster-H2, OFELIA, UP-Wing, SMR-ACAP and Concerto will be supported with a total of €24 million.

The call closes on 11 May  2023, 17:00 CET. Information Days targeting potential applicants will take place across Europe and virtually over the next few weeks.  Clean Aviation’s dedicated Information Day takes place online on 1 March 2023 and registration goes via

For more details, please visit the dedicated call webpage for more information. Keep up on the latest developments on social media via #CAJUcall2.

via Clean Aviation