Clean Aviation launches Call To Proposals in electric systems, ultra-efficient aircraft and disruptive H2 technology

It is the largest and most ambitious European initiative to date aimed at making flying greener. Clean Aviation is a European Union Joint Undertaking that partners EU-level policy with industry and academia to stimulate key areas of the aviation industry towards achieving dramatic cuts in emissions and noise. On 23 March 2022, Clean Aviation officially launched its Call To Proposals, inviting innovators to submit their proposals for funding.

The scope of Clean Aviation is – to say the least – significant. The scheme will award €735 million to advance the technologies, products and processes needed to transition to low-carbon flight. At the same time, Clean Aviation will support competitiveness in Europe’s aviation sector. As an institutionalised public/private partnership, Clean Aviation mobilizes an internationally integrated effort in aviation to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Three Paths Towards Net Zero

Clean Aviation builds on three pillars: Hybrid electric regional aircraft, ultra-efficient short and short-medium range aircraft as well as disruptive technologies to enable hydrogen-powered aircraft. These are further broken down to thirteen specific areas of development. These include fuel cell and electric-hybrid propulsion systems, direct H2 combustion powerplants, liquid hydrogen storage solutions and innovations in wing design.

Clean Aviation’s Call For Proposals launched on 23 March 2022, with the submission system due to open in April 2022. The call closes at 5pm CET on 23 June 2022.

The Hamburg Aviation International Affairs team is available to support Hamburg Aviation members in their applications for Clean Aviation funding. Please contact:

  • Dr. Christian Scherhag
  • Head of International Affairs
  • +49 160 74 43 440


  • Francine Schulz
  • Managerin International Affairs
  • +49 173 182 85 84

For more details on the areas covered by Clean Aviation and on how to submit a proposal, visit the Clean Aviation website.