International model and actress from Hamburg becomes co-founder of ZAL-based jetlite, a company working to reducing jetlag from long-haul flights.

Top model and actress Toni Garrn is investing in new business ideas from her hometown: the Hamburg-born star has become a co-founder of aviation startup jetlite. The company, based at the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research, was the international pioneer for chronobiological lighting scenarios to reduce jetlag on long-haul flights, and is currently working on new products, targeting passengers directly. The professional frequent flyer Garrn is no stranger to the subject, and she will be able to contribute to the advancement of this work with her experience.  A lighting algorithm developed by jetlite is already in use on board Lufthansa Airbus A350 aircraft. Before moving to ZAL, the Hamburg startup was part of the Airbus BizLab accelerator programme. jetlite is also an active member of the Hamburg Aviation network.

"We are totally thrilled to welcome a famous additional member to our team. Her commitment underlines the fact that reducing jetlag has come a long way from being a niche issue for the aviation industry. It is our declared aim to improve long-haul flying for all passengers, and we are convinced that with Toni Garrn as ambassador we can effectively put the case for this issue with the aviation industry and the general public," says Dr Achim Leder, CEO of jetlite GmbH.

"Long-haul flights and the jetlag that comes with them have been part of my everyday life for many years. At jetlite, I want to contribute my experience to help make flying more enjoyable for all passengers, and I am looking forward to being able to do so as a member of a young company from my hometown of Hamburg," says jetlite shareholder Toni Garrn.


At ILA Berlin (25. – 29. April, ExpoCenter Berlin-Schönefeld), jetlite will host a short conference on Thursday 26. April from 1100 – 1200 with the founders and Toni Garrn, discussing „Jetlag – A Common problem and how to mitigate it“. There will be additional photo opportunities afterwards.

Prior registration is strictly required to attend, and you must present a valid confirmation e-mail upon entry. Full agenda and registration here: 

jetlite algorithm already in use at Lufthansa

Core of the jetlite business model is a scientifically-based algorithm which optimizes the lighting of aircraft cabins on long-haul flights to suit the human biorhythm and so reduce the experience of jetlag. The jetlite algorithm is already in use on Luthansa's Airbus A350 fleet. In the future, the Hamburg startup also wants to offer solutions for jetlag reduction that are independent of the aircraft model, such as nutritional advice for inflight catering and a smartphone app that helps passengers to actively prepare for a long-haul flight and counteract jetlag in advance.

jetlite part of Hamburg's aviation ecosystem from the beginning

The jetlite company was born out of CEO Dr Achim Leder's doctoral thesis at the University of Wuppertal in 2016. The company has been based in Hamburg from the start. Germany's largest aviation site is a globally significant competence center for the development of aircraft cabins. jetlite was part of the very first intake of the Airbus BizLab accelerator programme in Finkenwerder, Hamburg. Since 2017, the company has been based at the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Hamburg. One of the world's leading innovation facilities, the center has a number of focal themes, one of which is the cabin research segment. jetlite won the "Customer Journey" category of the 2017 Innovation Award of German Aviation, and has always been an active member in the Hamburg Aviation cluster network, which represents the north German aviation location and its issues and key players on the national and international stage.


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