Within EU research program Horizon2020, Tagueri AG with partners from research and industry develops a tool-set for automated, cloud-based data collection and analysis for the manufacturing industry.

Modern manufacturing processes today are already highly automated and realised with complex sensor and control systems. The resulting volume of sensor data are usually used for machine control and forfeit afterwards. Rarely are they systematically collected and used. They hold a great potential that can be utilized thanks to the advance of digitalisation even by small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with reasonable effort.  The goal of the project MC-Suite is therefore an integrated and modular software application to collect and analyse large amounts of production data.  

Central to the software is the module MC-Monitor, which is collecting and adjusting any number of sensor and machine data over a universal interface, making them available in near real time through a unified data upload to cloud platforms. The MC-analytics module then accesses the processed data and permits analysis using modern data mining techniques. With the help of classical and AI-based simulation and optimisation functions, MC-analytics has the knowledge to optimize manufacturing processes, identify errors and detect manufacturing trends. The gained results support with predictive maintenance and optimising manufacturing processes.   

Tagueri AG concentrates within the project on aerospace applications. Besides classical technical problems such as tool wear and surface quality of components, prototypes where already able to optimise capacity and energy consumption.   

The proposition of MC-Suite is developed to improve access to digitalisation for small and medium-size aerospace manufacturing enterprises and to stay competitive internationally.