Best visibility is the first choice to increase safety when flying in the dark or in bad weather conditions. BeOne now offers the XeVision® HID landing and taxi lights.

HID light beams (High Intensity Discharge lights) achieve up to 6 times higher light emission rates. As a result, an aircraft is not only visible earlier to other road users, but the lights also achieve a larger and longer range of vision on the ground. And in combination with our pulsating HID, the luminaires can also help prevent bird strikes.

5 years warranty

The HID luminaires also stand in a very good light economically. This is ensured by the much lower power consumption and a guaranteed life of 5 years or 3,000 hours, without additional costs. For comparison: traditional lights have to be replaced after only 25 hours.

Everything from one source

BeOne not only handles delivery, but also takes care of quick installation so that the aircraft stays on the ground only for a short time. The entire service is also certified according to EASA 21J.