At this year's MRO Europe in Amsterdam, AVIATAR is presenting three new apps, further expanding its range of digital MRO products and services.

Ten partners and customers are now working with AVIATAR and over 1,000 aircraft are live on the platform to benefit from optimization of aircraft availability, reduced consequential costs and safer as well as more reliable fleet operations.

"partsMate" and "marc" are two new app developments that offer a simplified overview of material availability of certain components worldwide and save time and effort, especially in time-critical situations:


partsMate grants partners access to a pool of certified components and so enables airlines to simplify their material inventory management and share available parts with others online through loan and exchange transactions. The tool improves material availability, optimizes inventory levels and reduces capital lockup and overall costs.

marc (major asset realtime components)

marc offers the transparent online localization of particularly large spare parts such as inlet cowls, thrust reversers and radomes worldwide. There are only a few of these components on the market, which up to now has made the search complicated and time-consuming.

Offers for urgently needed components can be obtained directly in the application. In addition to more common components, marc includes serviceable parts for Airbus A350, A320neo, Boeing 747-8 and 787.

APU Health Management

With the new app, AVIATAR offers its own full-blown application, generated from specific APU performance reports as part of Aircraft Condition Monitoring Systems. The detailed analyses can significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase aircraft availability simultaneously.

Lutthansa Technik has established AVIATAR as an open and neutral aviation platform for international cooperation so that airlines, component manufacturers, other MRO providers and leasing companies are in control over their data and can use common interfaces based on a digital twin despite competition.

AVIATAR's cloud-based infrastructure ensures the highest level of data security in accordance with European data protection requirements for customers' and partners' data, including personal data. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to all airlines and potential partners to develop their own applications.

From 17th to 18th October, Lufthansa Technik will present AVIATAR at its booth (#3042) at MRO Europe in Amsterdam. Experts from Lufthansa Technik's Digital Fleet Solutions division will be available for detailed information. Further information can also be found at or