Joint venture between Lufthansa Technik und Pepperl+Fuchs driving digitalisation in Hamburg is yet another innovative Hamburg-based company focusing on automation solutions in aviation and with special emphasis on 3D. Tomas Domaschke, CEO, explained: "Apart from industrial maintenance and solutions for automated operations, offers optical measuring device applications, digital inspections, imaging applications and related advice services."

Located in ZAL TechCenter

Founded last December as a joint venture, unites the passion of two market leaders namely Lufthansa Technik AG and the Mannheim-based Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH. Together, they combine 150 years of experience in industrial sensor technology and aircraft maintenance. This enables the fledgling company to develop innovative and customized automation solutions. Although GmbH has only eight employees presently, plans are being laid to triple the size of the company by 2023. Located in ZAL TechCenter, Domaschke, 33, values the mix of companies, mid-sized companies, start-ups and research institutions in aviation there. The location is ideal for exchanging information and for forging syneriges across businesses.

Benefits for other aviation companies

"By founding, Lufthansa Technik is taking another step towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Other aviation companies in Hamburg will benefit from this measure," said Domaschke. offers companies an opportunity to try out new applications and technologies on a small scale at short notice and to build prototypes. "And also provides turn-key solutions. That makes it easier for our customers to calculate the risk of developing new technologies and procedures," he stressed.

No digital revolution without 3D

Domaschke explained the focus on 3D technology, saying: "3D data are the main basis of digitized workshops and production. Acquiring and processing 3D data quickly enables people (and robots) to perceive their surroundings and to make autonomous decisions based on these data." Such a capacity is crucial in aviation. Many components are for various reasons unique and processes have to be individually adjusted. "3D is not a revolution, but there can be no digital revolution without 3D," Domaschke noted. 

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