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Company tours in the aviation industry.

Experience aviation up close

If you want to experience up close just how – and where – aircraft are built; to see who maintains and overhauls them; to get a feel for how things work at an airport: now is your chance!
The three major corporations

  • Airbus,
  • Lufthansa Technik und
  • Hamburg Airport

offer site inspections and guided tours for individuals and groups. A visit is well worthwhile.

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for aviation fans in Hamburg


Planespotting Hamburg

Departing and landing aircraft look at Hamburg Airport (in German, but incl. maps)

 - cc-by Michael Penner Airbus
Foto: © Michael Penner [Airbus]

Planespotting Finkenwerder

Take-off and landing aircraft at Airbus plant watch (in German, but incl. maps)


Coffee to Fly

Enjoy coffee, snacks and the exciting view of the observation deck at Hamburg airport. (in German)


Café Himmelsschreiber

Viewing terrace, combined with the amenities of an exclusive lounge, at Hamburg Airport. (in German)