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Hamburg Aviation is

The aviation cluster of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region - one of the world's most important sites for the civil aviation industry.  In order to promote Hamburg as an aviation location, the local companies, universities, associations, economic authorities and other partners have joined together to form the Aviation Cluster Hamburg Aviation.

Hamburg Aviation was honored by the BMBF as a leading-edge cluster in 2008 and in 2013 received the "Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellence" from the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. In 2016, the cluster was awarded as a “Landmark of Excellence in Germany – Land of Ideas”.
Together, we pursue one goal: to develop innovative products and services as well as to open up new fields of competence in order to secure the long-term competitiveness of the third largest aviation location worldwide.

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What advantages do I have as a member of Hamburg Aviation?

  • An excellent network for making new and intensifying existing contacts
    • At national and international events such as the Hamburg Aviation Forums (3 times a year, our BarCamps, political receptions or get-togethers such as the Christmas Market
    • At conferences and trade fair appearances by Hamburg Aviation and partners such as Aircraft Interiors Expo, ILA Berlin, Farnborough, Paris Air Show, Dubai Airshow
    • In national and international networks and associations
    • On delegation trips, i.a. to Canada, Brazil, or Portugal
    • At cross-cluster events with the eight other Hamburg cluster initiatives, for example with the cluster EEHH (Renewable Energies Hamburg)
  • Secure a competitive edge: Participate actively in our working groups and in project work.
    • For example, in the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) or the nationwide Supply Chain Excellence initiative
    • in our location-work and exchange groups Marketing & PR, WoMen, Sales, Skills & Expertise
    • Working together digitally: On the cluster collaboration platform "Hamburg Aviation Connect" you can work on projects, save and download documents, set up your own project groups and find contacts - from anywhere, safely, and exclusively
  • Excellent presentation options for your topics: Use our diverse communication channels to give your company the stage and make the latest news in the aviation community
    • On our website (for example in the member directory or through news articles)
    • In our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
    • In our newsletter published every 14 days (reach of 4,000 high quality subscribers)
    • In our annually published Hamburg Aviation Magazine (print run: 12,000 copies)
  • Use the national and international well-known umbrella brand "Hamburg Aviation" in your business equipment and in your advertising media to show your affiliation to one of the largest aviation locations in the world
  • Do not miss any deadlines: We will keep you up to date on current projects funded by the Federal Government or by the EU and on investment opportunities, and we will network potential partners with each other.
  • Personal advice from the right contact person: We would be pleased to advise you on financial support options and site search together with the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB) and Hamburg Invest.

Further questions about membership?

Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!

 - cc-by
Corinne Lehfeldt
Assistant Back Office & Community Management

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