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  • Crystal Cabin Award
  • Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Prize

Crystal Cabin Award

THE international prize for innovations

The Crystal Cabin Award is THE international prize for innovations in the field of aircraft cabins.

A high-calibre jury made up of renowned academics, engineers, specialist journalists and airline and aircraft manufacturer representatives comes together under the slogan “Let your ideas take off” to honour extraordinary cabin concepts and products.

The competition was launched by Hamburg Aviation and is organised by the Crystal Cabin Award Association. The award, to date the only one of its kind, has been presented as part of the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg every year since 2007. The trophies have become a seal of quality, known and coveted around the world.

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Safe and relaxed on board: two ideas take off

Safran scores a double victory at the Crystal Cabin Award 2021 // Digital awards ceremony as part of the virtual Aircraft Interiors Expo 2021



Lukas Kaestner leads Crystal Cabin Association as new President

The Crystal Cabin Award Association has elected Lukas Kaestner as its new President.


Fly smarter: 10 convincing ideas

Feeling good about boarding a plane: Manufacturers and aerospace suppliers from all over the world reach the final round of the Crystal Cabin Award...

Lukas Kaestner - cc-by Hamburg Aviation
Lukas Kaestner
Head of Marketing, PR & Events
 - cc-by Hamburg Aviation
Jette Koch
Junior Manager Marketing, PR & Events
The Journey - Crystal Cabin Awards 2018 by APEX Media

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The Cabin Award is sometimes called "The Oscars" of the aircraft interiors industry. The 2018 awards were hotly contested and featured some of the most exciting and innovative submissions to date. The winners and even the finalists of the 2018 awards will go on to enhance the airline passenger experience through onboard systems and technology, passenger comfort, efficiency, safety and design. There is no greater recognition for an airline, OEM or cabin component supplier than to win a Crystal Cabin Award. This year Hamburg Aviation again asked APEX Media to produce the official HD video and help spread the word about this fantastic annual competition. Enjoy the journey of the trophy through our hometown Hamburg, the world's 3rd largest civil aviation site! The Crystal Cabin Award Association will begin accepting 2019 entries in September 2018. We are looking forward to receive your applications!


Video Credits Sponsor: Global Eagle

Produced by: APEX Media

Shoot and edit: Erik Kaben


Special thanks to our host of the evening and mastermind behind the video, Maryann Simson from APEX Media and FIT AG for the amazing footage of the awards being printed.

Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Prize

promotes young talents with innovative ideas

The "Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Prize" was established by Hamburg Aviation to foster talented young people with innovative ideas in northern Germany’s aviation industry. This plays a long-term role in maintaining the competitiveness of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region as a centre of aviation and keeping well-qualified academics here.

Participants can look forward to the very best networking opportunities within the aviation cluster as they come into direct contact with member companies. Hamburg Aviation thus supports young professionals as they make the move from academic training to career.

The Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Prize is presented annually in the categories “Bachelor” and “Master” with the support of Airbus, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation (BWVI), the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training Lab (HCAT+), Hanse Aerospace e.V., HECAS, Krüger Aviation and TREO.

 - cc-by Hamburg Aviation
Jette Koch
Junior Manager Marketing, PR & Events
Let it fly!

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Das erstplatzierte Konzept in der Kategorie „Master“ des Hamburg Aviation Nachwuchspreis 2020 wurde von Patrick Sieb von der Technischen Universität München (TU München) verfasst. In Kooperation mit Lufthansa Technik simulierte er das Zusammenspiel von Flugbetrieb und War-tung einer Urban-Air-Mobility Flotte. Sieb prüfte mögliche Streckennetze und Be-triebsarten von zukünftigen Flugtaxis, um darzulegen, wie sich parallel dazu die notwendige Wartungsinfrastruktur bei möglichst geringen Kosten mit einer größt-möglichen Verfügbarkeit der gesamten Flotte verzahnen ließe.