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Quality training for aviation – fascinating careers

The aviation industry has a wider range of interesting, variety-filled careers.

Every year, Airbus and Lufthansa Technik are on the lookout for young people with a love of engineering. Suppliers, airports, airlines and even the Army also hire specialist personnel with aeronautical engineering training.

Training at Airbus

Airbus is one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. The company has one of its main factories in Finkenwerder, a borough of Hamburg. Many exciting traineeships are on offer, including:

  • Aircraft mechanic, specialised in manufacturing technology
  • Electronics technician for aviation systems
  • Material tester

Trainees at Airbus and its parent company, EADS, have career opportunities throughout Europe. They work in international teams and can even complete part of their training abroad.

Alongside specialist training, courses and seminars focus on developing social competence. There is even an apprentice camp on the island of Juist. Intercultural communication is promoted and developed between trainees from the EADS countries - the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany.

More information on traineeships and apprenticeships at Airbus in Hamburg is available here.

Training at Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik AG is the world's leading provider of services in the field of aircraft maintenance. The company headquarters is in Hamburg. Lufthansa Technik's many technical and commercial traineeships are based at Lufthansa Technical Training and Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services, for example:

  • Aircraft mechanic, specialised in maintenance, engine and manufacturing engineering
  • Electronics technician for aviation systems
  • Tool mechanic
  • Warehouse logistics officer

Technical career training equips personnel with the knowledge necessary to achieve CAT A qualification according to the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency. 

More information on traineeships and apprenticeships at Lufthansa Technik is available here.

Lufthansa Technik and Airbus both place great importance on a work environment in which challenges are mastered together and "team spirit" is not a foreign concept. The encouragement of collegiality and fairness along with individual responsibility is central to all training programmes.

Training at Hamburg Airport

Today, Hamburg Airport is not only the oldest airport in the world to still be located at its original site; at the same time, it is one of the most up-to-date and innovative airports in the world. The company offers traineeships and apprenticeships for many interesting careers. Examples include:

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Industrial electronics technician
  • Clerical officer
  • Customer service officer
  • Computer technician

More information on traineeships and apprenticeships at Hamburg Airport is available here.

In-service aeronautical technician training

The State Vocational School for Manufacturing and Aircraft Engineering G15 offers in-service training for EASA certification as an aeronautical technician, specialising in Structure CAT B1 and Avionics CAT B2. A unique semester model makes in-service training possible.

Working together closely with the companies in the industry, the private Heinze Technical College offers an in-service training course leading to the Mechanical Engineer qualification, focussed on aircraft engineering. The two-year programme at the state-accredited institution includes CAT B1 Basic Training.

G15 also provides vocational instruction for apprentices in aeronautical engineering careers.

There are many other traineeships and apprenticeships that can open a door into the aviation industry, for example:

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Machinist
  • Production mechanic
  • IT and electronics careers
  • Tool mechanic
  • Process engineer for coating technology

More information on these exciting career paths is available on the information pages of the metal and electronics industry.

Training at engineering consultancies

Another good opportunity to enter the aviation industry is to train as a technical product designer at an engineering consultancy. Technical product designers support engineers in the development of technical products, e.g. aircraft seats. They draft, develop and design components and assemblies using 3D CAD workstations; they calculate technical data for planned products and deliver three-dimensional technical drawings.

The online traineeship portal at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is the place to find a traineeship.

A full-time school-based training course leading to the qualification of "Assistant for Technical Communication and Product Design" is also possible at Heinze Technical College. The two-year career training programme represents the next step in the evolution of the traditional "Technical Draughtsman" profession.

Qualification without borders

Aviation is international. Interculturalism is, therefore, becoming ever more important as a rung on the career ladder. The exchange programme operated by Arbeit und Leben Hamburg (Work and Life Hamburg), for example, has seen an average of 50 young employees from Hamburg's aviation industry taking part every year since 2005, along with trainees and specialists from elsewhere in Europe. The programme involves a training event lasting several weeks in Hamburg or elsewhere with our European partners. The exchange and networking between the Hamburg Aviation and Aerospace Valley clusters is particularly well developed.