Metropolregion Hamburg

Boost for talent – preparing and qualifying the next generation

Talent is the basis for every success story. This applies especially to an innovation industry such as aviation. Hamburg was early to recognise this, launching its Aviation Industry Qualification Initiative in the year 2000.

It is a vibrant network in which companies, universities, authorities and training institutions exchange information and expertise. Together, they develop qualification programmes specially tailored for the needs and demands of aviation: new initial and further training programmes, degree majors, recruitment initiatives and an active programme to support and develop the next generation of specialists through activities such as the Faszination Technik Klub. And the Initiative is making its mark, with Best Practice recognition from the EU for the Initiative’s work.

Faszination Technik Klub

The Faszination Technik Klub offers aviation lectures and events for children all year round. And for young aviation fans, HAW Hamburg and aviation companies organise the practical Fascination of Flight summer camp, a mixture of workshops, lectures and company tours.

Follow me box

THE toolkit for regular school lessons and project weeks: the FOLLOW ME BOX! Teachers of grades 4 to 10 can borrow a FOLLOW ME BOX on the subject of aeronautical engineering, free of charge, from the State Institute of Teacher Training and School Development. It contains practical teaching materials on aviation subject areas.

DLR School Lab

"Out of the classroom – into the lab!" is the motto of the DLR_School_Lab at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The focus is on technical and scientific experiments which can be a real eye-opener for pupils. Thousands of pupils have undertaken adventurous journeys into the world of aviation at Germany’s northernmost school lab since it was established on the TUHH campus.