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07.09.2012 |
Air Transportation SystemLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Airport2030 – solutions for the efficient airport

This flagship Leading-Edge Cluster project uses Hamburg Airport as a model for testing efficient technologies and measures to advance airport operations, from the journey to the airport to take-off. [more]

10.09.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

InKa – innovative cabin systems

With the InKa project, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is pursuing the goal of optimising modular components in the air supply system inside the aircraft, thereby improving both efficiency and comfort in the aircraft cabin. [more]

05.09.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Aircraft Seat Rails

Bishop GmbH has shrunk aircraft seat rails to 1 centimetre and tested new concepts made of aluminum and CFRPs. The result: the rails are lighter, more flexible, and stable. [more]

13.09.2012 |
Aircraft and Aircraft SystemsMaterialsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Simulation and tests with riveted CFRP sheets

Investigating the joining of two CFRP fuselage shells using CFRP bolts, and the behaviour of such joins under cyclical stress. Goal: to determine the static strength and fatigue behaviour and thereby make recommendations for the... [more]

06.09.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Moving Map Application

Philotech is developing a Moving Map application for the modular decentralised inflight enterntainment system (MDIS) being developed by the project partner, Zodiac. Passengers should be able to individually tailor the display of... [more]

06.09.2012 |
Air Transportation SystemLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Digital Boarding Support (DiBUS)

The DiBUS project is investigating how smartphones can support passengers in the boarding process. [more]

06.09.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsMaterialsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

TiLight – innovative lightweight construction of titanium components for aeronautical engineering

Utilising the new potential of lightweight construction by opening up innovative construction techniques and laser additive manufacturing with TiAl6V4. [more]

06.09.2012 |
Aviation ServicesAircraft and Aircraft SystemsCabins and Cabin SystemsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

New MRO – extending competence to new aircraft types

The aim of this flagship Leading-Edge Cluster project is to develop new techniques and processes for the technical support (MRO) of future aircraft, with five focal issues and a total of thirteen projects. [more]