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Database of research projects

07.09.2012 |
Aircraft and Aircraft SystemsMaterialsEco-Efficiency

Analytical buckling analysis of composite structures

Development of highly efficient analysis methods describing the buckling and post-buckling behaviour of stiffened and unstiffened thin-walled composite structures under in-plane loads. [more]

06.09.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsMaterialsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

TiLight – innovative lightweight construction of titanium components for aeronautical engineering

Utilising the new potential of lightweight construction by opening up innovative construction techniques and laser additive manufacturing with TiAl6V4. [more]

05.09.2012 |
Aviation ServicesMaterialsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Optimisation of NDT process for fibre-reinforced composites

The goal: a significant increase in the reliability of damage detection and in the efficiency of non-destructive testing procedures in operative deployment. [more]

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