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SIMKAB – feature-reduced cabin management system

Cabins and Cabin Systems

An analysis and synthesis of a feature-reduced, modular cabin management system, on the basis of discrete event modelling and finite state machines.

Cabin management systems (CMS) are central avionics systems integrated in the aircraft cabin. These serve to control and monitor relevant cabin functions which are essential for aircraft operations. Over recent decades, the CMS for large passenger aircraft have evolved into highly complex systems of hardware and software. CMS are providing hundreds of functions - many of those vital for aircraft operations - and are processing thousands of parameters from the passenger cabin and the remaining aircraft. However, the growing number of functions has lead to an increased uncertainty in the system design process and has fostered a legacy system architecture losing flexibility.

This project demonstrates the effectiveness of the model-based system development methodology for innovative, modular CMS, including its complex software. To achieve this, a model of a feature-reduced CMS is being designed, validated and demonstrated in terms of usability, employing the MLDesigner tool. The result will be a methodology for an improved design process assuring the correct implementation of complex software components. Together with the encompassing architecture, this will yield a executable specification of a modular cabin management system.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mark Wiegmann,, +49 (0)40-42875-7932
Dipl.-Inf. Nils Fischer,, +49 (0)40-42875-7932



Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering



Airbus Operations GmbH, EADS, and others

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Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Aeronautical Research Programme IV