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Philotech is developing a Moving Map application for the modular decentralised inflight enterntainment system (MDIS) being developed by the project partner, Zodiac. Passengers should be able to individually tailor the display of the current flight situation.

Within the framework of the MDIS project (modular decentralised Inflight entertainment system), Philotech is also developing a Moving Map application to be integrated in the decentralised IFE of the project partner, Zodiac Cabin Controls. 

The development is heavily focussed on the use of modern database technologies. The use of distributed databases is aimed at making better use of the available data storage resources of the IFE whilst allowing for a significantly higher quality presentation of the current flight situation. One special aspect of the project is that the passenger will be able to interact with the Moving Map application to customise the display. Current flight data such as position, speed and estimated time of arrival will be displayed. 

Passenger should also be offered more complex information, e.g. outstanding points of interest along the flight route. Additional information on these POIs, such as a detailed description, opening hours, postal address or telephone number can be made available, along with optional audio and video content. 

The software is being developed as a platform to allow the implementation of other applications. One such other application, for example, could be a travel guide allowing passengers to familiarise themselves with their destination, plan possible travel routes from there and find out about available accommodation.

Details on the overall project can be found in the “MDIS” article in the research database.


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