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MDIS - Modular Decentralised Inflight Entertainment System

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MDIS is developing hardware and software components which will be integrated to form an advanced IFE (Inflight Entertainment) system that can be distributed as a decentralised complete system.

The MDIS project (Modular Decentralised Inflight Entertainment System) is divided into three areas. The main focus of attention is the development of a new architecture for an inflight entertainment system and the integration of hardware components from the mobile telecommunications industry. The reason for this is the sustained growth in technology for mobile devices and components and the continuing increase of their influence on the IFE field. In order to fully exploit the advantages of mobile technologies, Zodiac Cabin Controls is looking for ways to integrate them in an innovative architecture. The opportunities for increased performance, reduced energy consumption and reduced installation space are key factors to be taken advantage of.

The second area is investigating the connection of Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs), such as smartphones, to an IFE system. The hardware aspect is addressing the connection of the PED to the IFE system, whether via cable or using wireless technologies. The software aspect is developing a concept for rights management, relating to rights of the passenger to use the IFE system’s media content as well as the rights of the IFE system to access the passenger’s content. The development of a DRM (Digital Rights Management) structure for aviation depends on the participation of the music industry. As the music industry does not see aviation as a lucrative market, modification and/or further development of existing systems is being attempted.

The third and smallest area of this research project is analysing the integration of silicon carbide (SiC) components in power conversion boards. Tests are being conducted to examine whether the integration of SiC transistors and diodes in a power conversion board allow the efficiency of the board to be improved whilst shrinking the form factor.

As part of the MDIS project, Philotech is also developing a Moving Map application to be integrated in the decentralised IFE of the project partner, Zodiac Cabin Controls (details in the "Moving Map Application" article).


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