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Laser welding – extending the product life of 3D high pressure compressor blades

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The aim of this project, which includes four other innovation partners, is to develop a repair procedure for modern 3D high pressure compressor blades used in aircraft engines, in order to significantly extend their operating life and increase engine efficiency.

Modern commercial aircraft use efficient engine designs, with three-dimensional aero geometry for the compressor blades. To date, there is no proven repair procedure for this new generation of compressor blades. Working together with four innovation partners, Lufthansa Technik has begun work on the development of a new procedure. The peripheries of the damaged blades are reconditioned using a CNC-guided laser welding process followed by adaptive milling. The smaller heat influence zone and narrow welding join mean that the compressor blades can be repaired with more precision and, due to minimal influence on the component, more often. New alloys are currently also being tested to reduce the incidence of erosion on the components. This results in significant improvements in the operating life of the blades and, ultimately, the operating efficiency of the engine.

Dr Franz-Josef Kirschfink,


Lufthansa Technik AG, Engine Services, HAM WT3/A


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