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In the EU CARE project, nine European aviation clusters are working to promote regional research in green aviation technologies

Clean Aerospace Regions - CARE. The name says it all. For the environment, but also for the future of the European aviation industry. Green technologies create decisive competitive advantages for future air transport systems. In the CARE framework, nine aviation clusters from Europe, along with a consulting company, want to promote research in green technology within their networks, thereby increasing their competitiveness. 

They are therefore aiming at more intensive networking in various areas. One goal is to increase energy efficiency along the entire aircraft value creation chain, from design and production to flight operations, maintenance, overhaul and ultimately to recycling. Other focal points include improving flight systems, optimal exploitation of the potential of the Single European Sky and the integration of air traffic in a multimodal, green air transportation system.

Ground operations at the airport should become greener, but it doesn't stop there: the journeys taken by passengers to and from the airport are part of this, too. After a detailed stocktake to produce baseline documentation, the partners are developing a joint strategy and a plan of action. In order to finance the research beyond the three-year EU sponsorship, which is part of the seventh Research Framework Programme, "greener aviation" needs to be included in the regional research agenda.


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