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AkuKon–cabin acoustics simulation model

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The aim of this network project is to produce models and concepts for improving acoustic comfort levels in the aircraft cabin.

The focus of this network project is on producing models and concepts to improve acoustic comfort levels in the aircraft cabin. The competence of the project partners is unique; a number of them were already involved in the development of the “world’s quietest aircraft cabin” – the Airbus A380.

The first step in the development of new acoustic concepts is to analyse weak points in acoustic insulation and to evaluate new approaches to noise reduction. Various materials and material combinations, such as sound proofing materials and cabin lining, are also being acoustically measured and compared. Innovative simulation models will then enable the targeted optimisation of noise pressure distribution and acoustic comfort in the cabin. This is especially necessary for the new generation of aircraft with lightweight fuselages constructed from carbon-fibre reinforced polymers and low-consumption propellor motors. Finally, new cabin segments, such as wall partition elements, will be developed, tested, installed and demonstrated. This will make it possible, in the future, to improve noise-critical areas in the cabin and in the crew break rooms. 


Dr Franz Josef Kirschfink,, +49 [0]40-5070-60383


Lufthansa Technik AG
VIP & Executive Jet Solutions, HAM WV/I-EN


Hamburg University of Technology
EADS Germany
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Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

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