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21.01.2013 |
Aviation ServicesMaterialsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Heat exchanger cleaning

This project is generating the technical prerequisites for the development of a new procedure for cleaning heat exchangers in commercial aircraft. [more]

21.01.2013 |
Aviation ServicesMaterialsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

“Rapid repair” – high tech repairs for high performance fibre-reinforced composites

Partners are jointly developing an integrated process chain for the fast, automatable and reproducible repair of high performance fibre-reinforced composites. The focus is on the repair of fuselage panels in monolithic and... [more]

21.01.2013 |
Aviation ServicesLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Laser welding – extending the product life of 3D high pressure compressor blades

The aim of this project, which includes four other innovation partners, is to develop a repair procedure for modern 3D high pressure compressor blades used in aircraft engines, in order to significantly extend their operating... [more]

05.09.2012 |
Aviation ServicesAircraft and Aircraft SystemsCabins and Cabin SystemsAir Transportation SystemMaterialsEco-Efficiency

CARE - Working together for green flying

In the EU CARE project, nine European aviation clusters are working to promote regional research in green aviation technologies [more]

06.09.2012 |
Aviation ServicesMaterials

Thermographic crack detection

The partners want to replace the current manual inspections of aluminum aircraft fuselages, which is intensive in terms of both time and labour, with mobile, robot-based thermographic test procedures. [more]

11.09.2012 |
Aviation Services

Demand control cycle for global component and spare parts management

Developing ideal control cycles for process management of optimal material needs planning in global equipment supplies for LRU (line replaceable units). [more]

06.09.2012 |
Aviation ServicesAircraft and Aircraft SystemsCabins and Cabin SystemsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

New MRO – extending competence to new aircraft types

The aim of this flagship Leading-Edge Cluster project is to develop new techniques and processes for the technical support (MRO) of future aircraft, with five focal issues and a total of thirteen projects. [more]

05.09.2012 |
Aviation ServicesMaterialsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Optimisation of NDT process for fibre-reinforced composites

The goal: a significant increase in the reliability of damage detection and in the efficiency of non-destructive testing procedures in operative deployment. [more]

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