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02.09.2013 |
abgeschlossenFlugzeugproduktion und FlugzeugsystemeLuFoAir Transportation SystemLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

“Green Airport”

The “Green Airport” project is developing approaches to more strongly integrate environmental aspects in airport management and to identify assistance systems that can be made available to support users. [more]

21.01.2013 |
Aviation ServicesMaterialsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Heat exchanger cleaning

This project is generating the technical prerequisites for the development of a new procedure for cleaning heat exchangers in commercial aircraft. [more]

21.01.2013 |
Aviation ServicesMaterialsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

“Rapid repair” – high tech repairs for high performance fibre-reinforced composites

Partners are jointly developing an integrated process chain for the fast, automatable and reproducible repair of high performance fibre-reinforced composites. The focus is on the repair of fuselage panels in monolithic and... [more]

[Translate to english:] FormTech Optistruct+Ti-Bond
22.10.2012 |
Aircraft and Aircraft SystemsMaterialsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition


In the OPTISTRUCT project, FormTech and its partners are developing optimised join points from titanium and CFRPs. Ti-Bond is building on this by producing and optimising titanium leading edges for engine scoops using diffusion... [more]

21.01.2013 |
Aviation ServicesLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Laser welding – extending the product life of 3D high pressure compressor blades

The aim of this project, which includes four other innovation partners, is to develop a repair procedure for modern 3D high pressure compressor blades used in aircraft engines, in order to significantly extend their operating... [more]

01.10.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsEco-EfficiencyLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

LiKab – Perception of light and cabin climate

The DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine is investigating how the colour of light in the aircraft cabin influences a passenger’s perception of temperature. This can make it possible to reduce the load on air conditioning, thus... [more]

05.09.2012 |
Cabins and Cabin SystemsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

MDIS - Modular Decentralised Inflight Entertainment System

MDIS is developing hardware and software components which will be integrated to form an advanced IFE (Inflight Entertainment) system that can be distributed as a decentralised complete system. [more]

04.09.2012 |
Aircraft and Aircraft SystemsCabins and Cabin SystemsLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Cabin technology and multifunctional fuel cells

New system concepts are developed in this flagship project. The focal point is on the deployment of fuel cells in commercial aircraft and the associated innovations for cabin technologies. [more]