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02.09.2013 |
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SiLuFra – Secure Air Freight Transport Chains

SiLuFra is a joint project in which Hamburg Aviation is participating. The consortium, consisting of a total of 14 partners led by the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), is developing new concepts, strategies and... [more]

02.09.2013 |
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“Green Airport”

The “Green Airport” project is developing approaches to more strongly integrate environmental aspects in airport management and to identify assistance systems that can be made available to support users. [more]

07.09.2012 |
Air Transportation SystemLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Airport2030 – solutions for the efficient airport

This flagship Leading-Edge Cluster project uses Hamburg Airport as a model for testing efficient technologies and measures to advance airport operations, from the journey to the airport to take-off. [more]

05.09.2012 |
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CARE - Working together for green flying

In the EU CARE project, nine European aviation clusters are working to promote regional research in green aviation technologies [more]

06.09.2012 |
Air Transportation SystemLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

Digital Boarding Support (DiBUS)

The DiBUS project is investigating how smartphones can support passengers in the boarding process. [more]

05.09.2012 |
Air Transportation SystemLeading-Edge Cluster Competition

HYBRID - decision-making in hybrid teams

The DLR Department of Aviation and Space Psychology is investigating whether human personality factors influence interaction with highly automated systems – the hybrid human/machine team. [more]