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Overview: What Hamburg displays at Le Bourget

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First Mayor Olaf Scholz visits the Hamburg Aviation stand along with various companies at the world’s largest aviation trade fair

The 51st International Paris Air Show is taking place in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget from 15 to 21 June, 2015. As well as the major industry players, Airbus and Lufthansa Technik, more than 20 other companies and institutions from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region will be represented at the event, the world's most important aviation trade fair, with well over 300,000 visitors expected. On Tuesday 16 June, Hamburg's First Mayor, Olaf Scholz is hosting an official reception for invited guests at the booth of the cluster, Hamburg Aviation, in Hall 2A (C286). He will then speak with high-ranking representatives of companies and associations during a walk through the fair. Hamburg Aviation will use the Paris Air Show to extend the city's and region's international network. A 12-million-euro transatlantic collaboration with the Montreal region is currently being developed, with funding from the federal German government. In the future, Germany's biggest aviation location will also be working together with Nagoya in Japan.

The Metropolitan Region will have a strong presence at Le Bourget. Hamburg's largest employer, Airbus, will be one of the most important exhibitors at this year's Paris Air Show, presenting new technologies along with two examples each of the A350 XWB and A380 aircraft. Airbus does not exhibit on this scale at any other aviation trade fair. The latter of these two aircraft is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. More than 80 million people all over the world have flown on an A380 since the maiden flight in 2005. There is also nervous anticipation and curiosity about which of the two big manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing, will receive the most orders during the event. A key indicator here will be the short and medium-hall A320neo. Half of the future production of 50 aircraft per month will come from Finkenwerder in Hamburg.

Lufthansa Technik, with 8,000 employees the region's second-largest employer in the aviation sector, is also represented at Le Bourget, also focussing on the long-haul Airbus A380 and A350 XWB aircraft. As recently as May, the first European A350 customer, Finnair, awarded the contract for component supply for the new aircraft to the Hamburg-based Lufthansa subsidiary. Over 20 other companies and institutions connected with Hamburg are exhibiting at Le Bourget, including cabin specialist Diehl Aerospace and suppliers' association Hanse-Aerospace.

The cluster, Hamburg Aviation, along with the ZAL Center for Applied Aeronautical Research will be exhibiting at the Hamburg Stand in Hall 2A C286. From January 2016, up to 600 people from various companies and institutions will be researching together on future issues at the ZAL TechCenter on the Elbe river banks.

Hamburg Aviation's presence is not just a point of contact for the northern German Metropolitan Region; it is also a meeting point for international contacts. Alongside European networking within the framework of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP), the focus will be on Canada and Japan. A new collaboration agreement will see Hamburg Aviation working closely with the Montreal aviation region. 12 million euros will be put into joint projects over the next five years, with more than three million euros provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within its High-Tech Strategy. And Hamburg Aviation will use the occasion of Olaf Scholz's mayoral reception to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for future networking and exchange with the Japanese region of Nagoya, hosting companies such as Mitsubishi.

"Today, Hamburg is one of the world's leading aviation locations, employing more than 40,000 highly qualified people in specialist careers," emphasises Hamburg's First Mayor, Olaf Scholz. "This development can be attributed to our successful cluster policy, where the commercial and academic spheres work together hand-in-hand and targeted support is given to international networking. It is our goal to establish connections for Hamburg's expertise across industrial and national borders, to further extend that expertise, and to strengthen innovation. Already today, the success of Hamburg Aviation demonstrates the potential that can be released with sound networking."

In total, the 51st Paris Air Show is expecting around 140,000 specialist visitors and almost 180,000 other guests during the event. More than 2,000 exhibitors from over 40 countries will be present at the almost 200,000-square-metre site.