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Shortlist Crystal Cabin Award 2014: from fine thread to a giant airship!

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More international, more varied, and more passenger friendly: the 56 entries accepted for the Crystal Cabin Award 2014.

Hamburg, 17 December, 2013: 61 submissions from twelve countries were received by the Crystal Cabin Award Association in Hamburg this year. After detailed examination by the six-person preselection committee, 56 of them from twelve nations are now in the race. Unfortunately, five submissions did not fulfil the conditions of entries. The members of the preselection committee were delighted not only by the keen international participation in this, the world's first and only prize for innovation in aircraft cabins, but also by the large number of students who have submitted remarkable designs and visionary concepts this year. The wide range of submissions - from fine thread to a gigantic airship - also impressed the preselection committee. Even some results from state-sponsored research projects were submitted, a sign that research in the field of civil aviation has become prizeworthy.

Alongside new cushions and covers, rescue capsules and airbags, various seats and seating systems, lighting, seat belts, and even new lavatory architectures, there are also visionary concepts for complete new aircraft models. A student from the Netherlands, for example, has created a sketch of travel in 2050 on board a blended wing body aircraft, combining psychological insights with technological developments. From the booking system to cabin interior design, everything is focussed on the comfort of the individual passenger, even when the passengers as a group constitute a single unit during flight. A French company, meanwhile, has developed an airship for scenic flights. The lower wall of the cabin is made of transparent polycarbonate sheets, giving all 40 passengers a 360 degree view. A company from Germany is also working to improve outward visibility using laminated special glass composites - special plate glass with foil for the inside of cabin windows.  The glass is not only more scratch-resistant and easier to clean; it is also 40 percent lighter than conventional plastic panes.

Plenty of the products and concepts submitted are going to please those passengers who prefer to pass their time using the electronic on-board entertainment. There is, for example, an open in-flight entertainment and communications platform which interacts both with third-party applications and with passengers' own devices. This provides access to a wider selection of films, games, and apps. Another company is presenting the world's first mobile inflight-entertainment system in a small trolley, capable of distributing appropriate programmes to up to 30 iPads and tablets. The energy requirements could be met by a trolley from another entrant, which functions as a small power station inside the cabin.

A play and fitness area with integrated Wii invites passengers to work on their physical fitness. And for those who prefer to enjoy the flight with a quiet drink and snack, there is a new system for ordering and cashless payment. Parents will be pleased about the multifunctional bulkhead that can be placed in front of the galley or the toilets. Not only does it include one large air show monitor and three smaller IFE screens, it also has a foldout bassinet for babies.

These are just a few examples. The international jury of 25 experts, including representatives of various airlines, aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, and technical service providers, along with university professors, consultants and specialist journalists, is now evaluating all accepted entries so that the finalists for the seven categories can be nominated a few weeks before the Aircraft Interiors Expo (8 - 10 April, 2014). The winners will be crowned, as they are every year, in association with the aircraft cabin industry trade fair (Aircraft Interiors Expo) in Hamburg. There will be one trophy each in the following categories: Greener Cabin, Health, Safety & Environment; Industrial Design & Visionary Concepts; Material & Components; Passenger Comfort Hardware; Passenger Comfort Systems;Premium Class & VIP, and University.

The following sponsors gave their support to the Crystal Cabin Award 2014: Airbus, Aircraft Cabin Management, the Aircraft Interiors Expo trade fair (Reed Exhibitions), Aircraft Interiors International Magazine, APEX, DIEHL Aerosystems Holding, Embraer, FERCHAU AVIATION Division, Jetliner Cabins, and ZODIAC AEROSPACE.