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01.08.2017 |
Tips and Information

Hamburg@work: Events for digital actors and companies in aviation

On the 7th of September 2017, Hamburg@work is celebrating its 20th anniversary by hosting the future conference "20th Anniversary Summit" at Kampnagel in Hamburg. [more]

18.07.2017 |
Tips and Information

Save the Date: Seminar “The New Data Protection Law for Companies”

The Hamburg based law firm Mittmann holds a seminar on the new data protection law for companies. [more]

03.07.2017 |
Tips and Information

Apply now: 2nd New Flying Competition 2018

The central element of the competition will be to build a model aircraft with a fully automatic wingspan-extension. [more]

09.06.2017 |
Tips and Information

Nearly 35,000 aircraft valued at US$5.3 trillion required in the next 20 years

The world’s passenger aircraft fleet above 100 seats is set to more than double in the next 20 years to over 40,000 planes as traffic is set to grow at 4.4 percent per year, according to Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast... [more]

31.05.2017 |
Tips and Information

Sign up for the "CARIC National Forum" in Vancouver

On the 9th of August 2017, the CARIC National Research Forum will aim to generate innovative ideas and new collaborations among the various players in the Canadian aerospace industry. [more]

29.03.2017 |
Tips and Information

TÜV Nord Training Center: New trainings "Technical English" and "Surface Protection"

After the new training program of the TÜV Nord Training Center in aviation has established itself on the market, this has already been expanded. [more]

01.02.2017 |
Tips and Information

Overview of the "6th International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies"

Continuing a series of conferences that has been firmly established since the first AST in 2007, the Hamburg University of Technology invites for the 6th International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies AST 2017. [more]

27.01.2017 |
Tips and Information

Sign up for the "World Class Manufacturing Training" in Japan

The 5-day World Class Manufacturing training mission provides an in-depth analysis of Japanese manufacturing methodology and is aimed exclusively at EU managers with knowledge of WCM and an engineering background. [more]

04.01.2017 |
Tips and Information

Faszination Technik Klub attracts youths to aviation

The Faszination Technik Klub is holding a campaign day at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) on February 3 to promote flying. Exhibitors include companies, firms, colleges and universities and will feature... [more]

12.12.2016 |
Tips and Information

Exclusive Lufthansa A350 flight from Munich to Hamburg on 9 February

On this flight from Munich to Hamburg and back, guests will have the unique opportunity to be one of the first passengers on board of the world’s most modern long-haul aircraft. [more]

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