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Vartan pools production support activities in Hamburg-Finkenwerder

The Vartan production support team with the Group’s experts for final assembly is now located in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.

16.08.2017Companies and Organisations

The Vartan Aviation Group relocates its production support to Hamburg-Finkenwerder where head office, on site support for Airbus and maintenance are based.

The company pools its capacities and competences in production support in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Vartan already has the Group's head office, its on-site support activities at the Airbus plant and its maintenance branch in Finkenwerder. Production support activities used to be located in Norderstedt (north of Hamburg) where the company carried out final assembly steps for products of various cabin interior suppliers. These activities have now been pooled in Finkenwerder.

Customers and business partners now benefit from the direct proximity to the Airbus plant as well as other service providers in Finkenwerder by faster final assembly and shorter reactions times. Proximity to firms that carry out other final assembly steps on the same parts will save additional time. Avoidance of the tunnel under the river Elbe, which all parts had to pass on their way from Norderstedt to Finkenwerder and which proves to be a bottleneck since decades, also helps to save time.

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