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02.11.2017Companies and Organisations

Component support for SriLankan Airlines' A320 fleet // Hebei Airlines relies on emergency floor-path marking system from Lufthansa Technik // Component supply for Pan Pacific Airlines // Cabin modification for Philippine Airlines' A330-300 fleet // Lufthansa Technik achieves further milestones in Asia Pacific // b2b-aero joins Lufthansa Technik's Platform AVIATAR


Component support for SriLankan Airlines' A320 fleet

The expanded Total Component Support (TCS®) agreement comprises all aircraft of SriLankan Airlines' growing A320 fleet, including its new A320neo aircraft. 

Lufthansa Technik will take care of all aspects relating to daily component supply for SriLankan Airlines. The components will be repaired and overhauled at Lufthansa Technik's global network of repair facilities. Pooling will be provided through Hong Kong and Singapore, where Lufthansa Technik operates two warehouses for the Asia Pacific region.

SriLankan Airlines first placed its trust in Lufthansa Technik's component support in 2012. Currently, the carrier's A320 fleet consists of nine A320 and six A320neo aircraft.


Hebei Airlines relies on emergency floor-path marking system from Lufthansa Technik

The quickly growing Chinese carrier Hebei Airlines will immediately begin to use the emergency floor-path marking system GuideU "CustomFit" from Lufthansa Technik AG in its Boeing 737 and Embraer

E190 fleets. For the first time, this system will be implemented with an integrated corporate logo, enabling an even more customized adaptation to the corporate design of an airline.

A total of 22 aircraft operated by the well-known Chinese airline, which is headquartered in Shijiazhuang, is scheduled to be fitted with the solution. The first is already in service. Through the use of its logo on the floor path marking, Hebei Airlines is pursuing a highly individual design that underscores the high quality of the cabin product it offers.

All of Lufthansa Technik's other GuideU customers in the rapidly growing Asian market use the other GuideU variant with markings integrated into the design of the carpet.


Component supply for Pan Pacific Airlines

Lufthansa Technik has been commissioned with comprehensive component supply for the fleet of A320s operated by the Philippine carrier Pan Pacific Airlines. The Total Component Support (TCS®) contract with a term of six years will take effect on 1 November 2017.

The integrated component support comprises the repair and overhaul of components as well as pooling and spare part leasing at the airline's home base. To safeguard Pan Pacific Airlines' daily operations, Lufthansa Technik guarantees 100 percent reliable deliveries from its TCS® pool of more than 100,000 different components.

This exclusive agreement was signed on 1 November during MRO Asia-Pacific. Lufthansa Technik already looks after a number of important Asian airlines. As an independent MRO organization, Lufthansa Technik has been anchored in the region for a long time and is a valuable partner. The company strengthened its commitment to the growth market of Asia last year with the founding of Lufthansa Technik Component Services Asia Pacific and the simultaneous startup of a new location for component supply in Hong Kong. The new warehouse and the company's existing locations in Singapore and Tokyo add up to an extensive network for customer care in the Asian region.


Cabin modification for Philippine Airlines' A330-300 fleet

Lufthansa Technik Philippines has performed comprehensive cabin modifications on eight A330-300 aircraft of Philippine Airlines. The previously all-economy class aircraft have been retrofitted with a new three-class concept comprising 309 seats. The cabin modification campaign is part of a three-year base maintenance contract that Lufthansa Technik Philippines and Philippine Airlines signed this year.

For an airline, the aircraft cabin is one of the most significant factors in differentiation. The new cabin concept for Philippine Airlines consists of Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class, which have all been reconfigured with new seats, on-demand audio and video as well as onboard WiFi and Internet connectivity. The new business class is equipped with Thomson Aero Seating's Vantage XL seat.

Lufthansa Technik Philippines recently upgraded its service capabilities to include next-generation aircraft. Preparations are underway to build up A321neo and A350 capabilities. The company will be ready for the entry into service of Philippine Airlines' new fleet of 21 A321neo and six A350, which will be commissioned in January and June 2018, respectively. 


Lufthansa Technik achieves further milestones in Asia Pacific

The Lufthansa Technik Group celebrates the first year anniversary of the establishment of Lufthansa Technik Component Services Asia Pacific in Hong Kong.

The move last year facilitated the expansion of the component division's presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The new regional set-up has been contributing greatly to the success of the component division over the last 12 months. Looking at the new Airbus A350 alone, material supply contracts for more than 100 aircraft have already been signed.

By now, the Group's component division has almost 300 employees across the APAC region, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen and India, to support the growth of business. The regional logistics centers are located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, contributing to the division's extensive network in Asia.

Lufthansa Technik Component Services Asia Pacific was founded in September 2016 with the aim of widening the component division's footprint across the region and offering customer support and component supply services in closer proximity to the customers. In the past year alone, there were more than 30 new hires in the APAC headquarters. The warehouse in Hong Kong has already reached its capacity limit and is therefore due to undergo further expansion. Important management positions have been shifted from Germany to the region with Burkhard Pfefferle-Tolkiehn, Vice President Component Services for Asia Pacific at Lufthansa Technik, in Hong Kong.

The APAC region plays a central role in the growth strategy of Lufthansa Technik. In 2016 alone, the Group's APAC revenue grew by 22 percent to around 600 million euros. This dynamic development is continuing: More than 500 aircraft from over 30 customers in the APAC region are under long-term exclusive contracts for component services with Lufthansa Technik.

Lufthansa Technik now has representative offices in China, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand and the Philippines. An office will soon be opened in Taiwan as well. Together with Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen as an important repair facility and the strengthening of local workforce in the APAC region, the Lufthansa Technik Group is geared up for further regional growth in the area of components.


b2b-aero joins Lufthansa Technik's Platform AVIATAR

Lufthansa Technik enriches the product portfolio of its digital AVIATAR platform.

Repair data and tracking management provider b2b-aero has integrated its fast-growing 'Capabilities App' solution into Lufthansa Technik's open, modular and neutral platform AVIATAR. The Capabilities App by b2b-aeroenables users to find and compare offerings for test, repair & overhaul services for specific part numbers of aircraft part numbers.

By consolidating relevant information of the part and the supplier portfolio, it makes deep industry knowledge on pricing, repair station performance and certifications accessible. Finally, the app offers the functionality to send requests for quotes (RFQs) to selected suppliers and to manage proposals online. More than 620 repair stations are currently listing more than 3.3 million capabilities and over 10,000 PDF Certificates from various authorities. Each month about 10,000 RFQs are being sent to customers around the world.

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