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New BEAWARE project bringing aviation regions of eastern and western Europe together

31.10.2013InternationalCompanies and Organisations

At the ILA 2012 in Berlin, EACP members launched a new project: BEAWARE - Bridging East And West for Aerospace Research. 13 months later, on 17 October, 2013, the kick-off meeting of the twelve partners was held in Tallinn, Estonia. The purpose of this project, funded by the EU’s 7th Research Framework Programme is for western European aviation clusters to support the establishment of eastern European clusters and promote their participation in EU research projects. In addition, a chain of innovation partners is to be established.


Although the innovation potential is there, there is very little participation of aviation enterprises and research institutions from the new EU member states in European research programmes. The nations of eastern Europe, especially SMEs, have a great deal to contribute to current research and to process innovations, as has already been shown by ACARE (the Advisory Council for Aerospace Research). Furthermore, western European OEMs could benefit from the know-how of the eastern European stakeholders and fill their own innovation gaps. 

But a great deal of potential in eastern Europe has not yet been identified. Many players are not yet in a position to move from an essentially regionally organised supply chain to a Europe-wide value creation chain, either because of lack of funds or because they are not aware of who is doing what in Europe, of what can be offered and what is needed.

This is the reason that BEAWARE was launched. Bridging East And West for Aerospace Research. BEAWARE wants to support the creation of EU-wide innovation chains where partners work together and their aerospace enterprises and research institutions network in various technological areas, benefitting everyone in east and west. The creation of international teams and consortia will allow issues to become established at a European research level, so that future research and development projects can be launched within the Horizon 2020 framework. 

Five partners from EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership), including Hamburg Aviation, two clusters from France and one each from England and Spain, and an Italian agency for European research projects have joined together with six aviation organisations from eastern Europe, based in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Initially, the project partners are getting to know each other so as to evaluate the know-how and competence available and bring the members of the regional networks together in an effective way. Delegate trips also contribute to this. Hamburg Aviation will lead Work Package 3 within the project, organising six delegate trips by eastern European partners to western Europe. The delegate trips will look at six different subject areas. In Hamburg the delegation will focus on MRO. Local OEMs, SMEs and research institutions will be present their companies and facilities to potential partners from eastern Europe, explaining possible needs, and will learn about the visitors' innovations, project ideas, and research projects. Beyond this, there will be workshops and networking events to stimulate the exchange of information and knowledge between east and west. The major aim is to produce at least five potential project consortia for Horizon 2020 and to establish an innovation chain. The innovation chain should be based on a pioneering key enabling technology.

Beyond this, the management of the regional aviation networks in eastern Europe are to receive training so that their networks can fulfil the eligibility requirements of EACP and join this important European partnership of aviation clusters as soon as possible. 



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