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14.11.2017Companies and Organisations

Ka-band modification also for Boeing 747-8 // Lufthansa Technik Component Services expands workshop in Tulsa and increases footprint in the Americas // Lufthansa Technik adds fresh impetus to idea management // App "t/complaint": Deployment throughout the Lufthansa Technik Group


Ka-band modification also for Boeing 747-8

Lufthansa Technik has been appointed by an undisclosed customer to equip several Boeing 747-8 aircraft with the new broadband Internet solution in the Ka-band frequency range from 2018 onwards.

This will make Lufthansa Technik the world's first MRO provider to offer modifications for this aircraft type. Lufthansa Technik is currently equipping the Airbus A320 Family of the Lufthansa Group with the latest Ka-band satellite technology. In addition, Lufthansa Technik has Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for the Airbus A330/A340 Family and the Boeing 737 Family. Lufthansa Technik also holds the STC for all Boeing Business Jets BBJ1(737-700) and BBJ2 (737-800) for the self-developed antenna radome TIOS (Two-In-One-Solution), which also enables the use of Ka-band and therefore optimum high-speed Internet and TV connections on board.  

The STC proves that subsequent modifications to the aircraft comply with the valid design regulations of the responsible aviation authorities. Future customers, whether airlines or operators of VIP aircraft, will benefit from these additional type certificates, especially in terms of costs and aircraft ground time.

At present, aircraft can be equipped with the necessary antennas and routers on up to ten production lines at the same time in Lufthansa Technik's worldwide network. Only a maximum of four days are needed to modify a classic aircraft into a flying communication center with broadband connectivity.

A fast integration into large fleets is possible because Lufthansa Technik's engineers have minimized the required intervention in the aircraft structure. Even future modifications or the complete removal of the installation in the event of technology changes can be carried out without costly intervention in the structure.


Lufthansa Technik Component Services expands workshop in Tulsa and increases footprint in the Americas

Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS) has substantially expanded its workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With an opening ceremony on 13 November, the Lufthansa Technik subsidiary officially started operation of the new component shop. Providing a shop floor area of 10,700 square meters (115,000 square feet), the facility has doubled in size. Additional capabilities and an enhanced logistics network in the region furthermore increase the performance and service portfolio of the company.

In view of the capability expansion and the focus on increasing Boeing 737 capabilities, the number of employees is expected to rise as well. Lufthansa Technik Component Services today employs close to 600 employees at its eight locations throughout North America.

Numerous changes have also been implemented to secure the supply chain in the region, including the establishment of new processes. Complementing the workshop expansion, Lufthansa Technik also opened a new regional office in Miami, Florida, in October. The office employs about 150 employees, with corporate sales and other commercial and operational services such as a 24/7 AOG desk and material trading being co-located here. By combining the different product divisions under one roof in the region, Lufthansa Technik ensures a more aligned and efficient market approach.

With the expansion of the Tulsa facility and the other developments, Lufthansa Technik is strengthening its position as a trusted strategic partner to airlines and operators of commercial aircraft in the Americas. By the end of the year, further branch offices will be opened in Bogotá, Colombia, and Mexico City, Mexico.


Lufthansa Technik adds fresh impetus to idea management

The employees of the Lufthansa Technik Group in Germany contribute almost ten percent to the company's result through savings from ideas they have submitted. Lufthansa Technik saves around 40 million euros each year by implementing creative ideas for improvement suggested by the teams in the hangars, workshops and offices. And this potential is set to be exploited even more in the future thanks to the new idea management concept "my ideas". Some 2,000 ideas have already been submitted.

This is not the only reason why Lufthansa Technik is by far the most important ideas generator within the Lufthansa Group. The ideas submitted yielded 10.5 million euros in first-year benefits alone over the last twelve months and will be felt for a good four years averaged across all projects.

While Lufthansa Technik has always offered attractive monetary incentives for submitting suggestions for improvement, the new approach with "my ideas" ensures that decisions on ideas can be made faster so that the team's knowledge can be funneled into specific measures.

The new process ensures, among other things, that a suggestion for improvement lands promptly on the table of the manager set to gain from the described solution. "We have therefore been able to significantly optimize the often tedious and protracted search for the right decision-maker," says Peter Schuerholz, Idea Manager at Lufthansa Technik. The decision-maker can include additional experts in the decision, since many suggestions for improvement involve complex processes or repair procedures.


App "t/complaint": Deployment throughout the Lufthansa Technik Group

Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Industry Solutions have developed an iOS-capable app, "t/complaint", which allows for damage and complaints to be reported more quickly and processed much more efficiently. The app is now being deployed globally, across many divisions, from all customer service teams and many specialist workshops in the Lufthansa Technik Group.

Originally, "t/complaint" was developed by a team of mechanics at Lufthansa Technik's Hamburg base to reduce the high data collection overhead for complaints in one specific division. The app allows a photo of the damage, taken using a tablet, to be automatically linked with the barcode photo of the order form and added to the report in the system. Processing this data used to take ten minutes and now takes only three.

"t/complaint" was developed for mobile data collection in daily operations by a team from the workshops and the IT department, and then submitted to Ideas Management. For internal employees the app is available in the AppStore for iOS-capable devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is not only easy to use; it can also be used in completely individual ways depending on the area of application and the purpose.More than 50 departments and subsidiaries are already using this in-house product.

Individual Lufthansa Technik divisions are currently making exclusive use of personalized iOS devices. In the future, freely accessible team devices will be made available to ensure direct access to all devices. At the same time, the company-wide introduction of multi-scanners with photographic capability is being considered. These devices first scan the SAP report, then they take photos and transmit the data to the SAP system via WLAN (WiFi).


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