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Training tourse for Cabin Interior Specialists is starting for the 16. time

21.07.2015Career and Job

News about Aviation Training of Heinze Akademie: On 2 November 2015, our training course for Cabin Interior Specialists is starting for the sixteenth time already.

Five years ago, this course from our non-approved trainings was developed in cooperation with our partners, and has now been complemented by some practical content relating to Honeycomb and fibre-reinforced composites. This three-month qualification for career advancement is suitable for candidates experienced in craftsmanship, particularly in the fields of carpentry, cabinetry and boatbuilding or comparable professions.

Regarding our approved trainings, a 60-day CAT B1.1 examination preparation course is starting on 1 October 2015. For a fee of € 6,250 per person, Heinze Academy – an approved EASA part-147 aeronautical training and examiniation institution – is offering this high quality course plus examination and certification at our Hamburg location.

Another course starting on 1 October is our two-year training as a state-approved mechanical engineer with a focus on aircraft engineering. Heinze Academy has been offering this advanced training for fourteen consecutive years already as a career advancement for qualified and experienced skilled workers with a background in aviation. It comprises the basic course CAT B1.1 including exams.

Contact person: Mr David Rosenperg (, (040) 63 90 29 -90)

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